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Ready to make an impact by implementing sustainable weight loss to your practice?

Long-Term Weight Loss Resolutions for Your Patients 

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Add A Weight-Loss & Wellness Program And Not Only Transform Your Patients But Transform Your Practice.

A $72 billion industry, navigating weight loss and weight management can be a daunting task for most people, new and experienced. Take the guesswork out of weight loss and guide your patients towards success with 4 Pillars of Transformation – a turnkey program designed to help you grow your practice with weight loss and wellness services.

Dr. Franchell Hamilton, MD, FACS, FASMBS

Bariatric Surgeon/Author/Consultant

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The Practice Refresh Story

Our healthcare system has been conditioned to use the same, minimally effective approach when caring for patients – find the problem, treat the problem. Prescribing medication after medication, increasing dosages, changing prescriptions, and so on, I noticed that I was only helping patients manage their condition rather than resolving it.  And so, I was inspired to create the Practice Refresh medical weight-loss program; a curriculum that would result in effective, longer lasting results for my patients. 

With Practice Refresh, we changed the commonly used, minimally effective process into one that works – partner with the patient, identify the root(s) of the problem, and develop a plan to treat it. 

We find that patients and providers alike profit from this approach to weight loss. In using the Practice Refresh weight-loss program, your patient will benefit from a more personalized treatment plan. This solution gives them insight to the root of the problem, allowing them to participate in the treatment, which is why this program works so well. The patient will also receive education on their specific problem areas and why certain behaviors may be delaying or hindering their weight loss. That leaves you with an educated, satisfied, and steady clientele; likely to give you referrals and 5-star reviews! Though our medical weight-loss program extends past the typical timeline of new-patient-visit to treatment, we find that the increased interaction creates more trust in the patient-to-provider relationship- and more successful results. After implementing the Practice Refresh approach in my own practice and seeing its long term success, I have now made it available to you.

Practice Refresh is a turnkey program I designed to help medical providers grow their practice with weight loss and wellness services. I condensed my years of experience into a streamlined program so that you may include these services into your practice without having to navigate the hurdles and stumbles I found along the way.

More about the Practice Refresh Medical Weight Loss Program

The Program focuses on 4 Key Points:

Mental • Environmental • Behavioral • Medical

With Practice Refresh, we focus on  4 key areas in which you can often pinpoint but the root(s) of the problem which triggers that result in obesity and/or neglected overall health for our patients. These are the areas we will be focusing on throughout the program as we perfect this new strategy not just to treat our patients but to transform their habits so their medical problems will resolve.

The goal is to think resolution through transformation, not treatment based on medication. By identifying and discussing with the patient when they feel they’re most vulnerable to making poor choices for their health, we help set them up for lasting success. Does our patient struggle most at night when the TV  is on and the kitchen pantry is full of snacks? Or perhaps a stressful day at work is what causes their scale to tip too far to the left? 

With the help of colleagues in the medical industry and my own extensive experience in the field, I have created a streamlined program for healthcare providers looking to expand their practice with proven weight-loss treatments.

“If My Practice is Already Thriving, Why Should I Add Weight Loss and Wellness Treatments?

Over 2/3 of the American population is overweight.  By including weight loss and wellness into your practice, you effectively save the patient from years of medications, expensive sessions with specialists, and other exhausting measures they’ll have to take to manage their health. 
Why give blood pressure medicine to a person who is chronically obese? The medical industry is often too guilty of treating the symptoms rather than the cause. I have focused my efforts on weight loss, because through losing and keeping off the weight, our patients see a decline in most all the ailments that were previously plaguing them:

  • arthritis in the joints, causing achy knees and backs
  • high blood pressure
  • high cholesterol
  • type 2 diabetes
  • heart disease
  • stroke

The list can continue.

As healthcare providers, it is our duty to effectively treat patients to better their health in the long run. 

Add another revenue stream into your practice.
In 2018, the weight loss industry amassed nearly $73 billion, and is forecasted to grow about another 3% through 2023. The country clearly sees a need for transformative medicines; it is our job to provide it for them. You can increase revenue in your practice by adding more billing for appointments, extra services, and treatments prescribed.