Dr. Franchell Hamilton

Bariatric Surgeon/Author/Consultant

Dr. Franchell Hamilton began her journey in medicine with the goal of changing people’s lives for the better. Dr. Hamilton discovered a passion for helping patients change the trajectory of their lives through radical weight loss. 

Experience and Education


Dr. Franchell Hamilton, Board Certified Obesity Medicine and Wellness Specialist, Bariatric Surgeon/Author/Practice Consultant

Dr. Hamilton is a native of the Dallas/Fort Worth area and has traveled the world for her studies. She graduated with honors from the University of Houston and went on to pursue graduate studies in biochemical engineering in Lyon, France. After completing her undergraduate and graduate studies, she went to medical school at the University of Texas in San Antonio to receive her medical degree. She completed her residency under the direction of Dr. L.D. Britt and Eastern Virginia Medical School and received laparoscopic and bariatric fellowship training in San Antonio, Texas. She practiced bariatric surgery in her own private clinic for over 8 years. 

While running her bariatric surgery practice, Dr. Hamilton recognized that many of her patients needed a more personalized plan to help them maintain their weight loss goals. They were still coming back for revisions because their habits weren’t changing even after surgery.  Hamilton decided to focus on the root of the issue by addressing the mental, behavioral, medical, and environmental factors that kept them from a meaningful transformation; her patients began to regain control in these areas. This led to the development of her Practice Refresh medical weight-loss program. 

The State of Healthcare

With over half of the nation’s adult population belonging to an unhealthy weight category, this issue plagues more than just the patients brave enough to ask for medical help. It is an issue that hundreds, even thousands of doctors, physicians, surgeons, self-help gurus, fitness trainers, and nutritionists try to solve. If it were so easy a solution, it likely would not have turned into the $72 billion industry that it is today. All too often, these groups (who have the best intentions at heart) are guilty of treating the symptom – the number on the scale – rather than the root problem – the initial cause for a rising scale.

Using the Practice Refresh in Her Own Practice

In recognizing this flaw, Dr. Hamilton quickly realized how she must change her strategy to get new results in her patients. So, she aimed to spend more time with each patient and work with those willing to have difficult conversations for a better outcome; creating personalized treatment rather than a band-aid western medicine approach.

Hamilton ultimately discovered the 4 key areas that mainly contribute to weight gain. Recognizing their significance, Dr. Hamilton created the Practice Refresh medical weight-loss program; focusing on these 4 key areas and placed them at the forefront of treatment. Mental, environmental, behavioral, and medical – the 4 components that together create a macro view of patients’ weight loss and other wellness issues.

These areas are the root cause of obesity and neglected overall health for patients. By having open and honest conversations with the patient regarding their mental health, potential eating triggers in their home or work environment, unintentional behaviors like eating out of habit rather than hunger, and also taking into account the specific patient’s medical history, genetic makeup, and current symptoms for the most accurate treatment plan, her new approach created the foundation for lasting success in thousands of her patients.

Why She Left Bariatrics

Dr. Hamilton operates her practice the way she operates her life – through certainties and facts. Seeing the success of Practice Refresh in the lives of thousands of her patients bolstered her belief in the new methodology. Her passion first materialized as a medical provider – but then a new path appeared. A path that leads to a total commitment to spreading this new methodology so that patients across the country could enjoy the same results. However, there was no way to fully devote her time to this new direction while juggling a busy private practice. And so, she made the difficult decision of selling the bariatric surgery portion of her practice to further pursue the mission.

Ziglar Legacy Certification

Now armed with a new mission, she set out to become more educated as a speaker and motivator. She found the Ziglar Legacy Certification. Based in her home of Dallas, Texas, Ziglar Inc. works to bring up and inspire future generations of movers, thinkers, supporters, and influencers by teaching them how to speak to others and take others with you on your way to the top. Hamilton moved forward and became a Ziglar Legacy Certified Speaker. In this time, she became a part of a group of 26 like-minded individuals with the aspiration to be better, inspire others to be better, and how to best achieve that. This group soon became family, spurring each other on through the program and their missions and journeys. These people became a prevalent part of her life, and have supported in monumental times, from writing her first books to building the Practice Refresh weight loss program. The Ziglar Legacy Certification fine-tuned the speaker in Dr. Hamilton to effectively share the teachings of Practice Refresh and how to best reach audiences.

Your Life Transformed: The Podcast

With the Ziglar Legacy Certification in her pocket and a new skill level reached in hosting inspirational discussions, Dr. Hamilton decided to start a new podcast so she can reach a wider audience and to expand her help to people outside of paying patients. In Your Life Transformed, The Journey to Becoming a Better You, she speaks about the issues that matter most to patients. Conversations normally held in the office are continued through the speakers or headphones of patients and listeners. Through this podcast, she is allowed more time to make a difference in patients’ lives; the entire reason she pursued a career in medicine to begin with. The podcast encourages people who may not feel comfortable in person, to engage in vulnerable discussions about the roots of their habits.  Because what she wants is for all of us to live their best lives. Without anxiety knocking on the door. It means enjoying loved ones as much as possible and watering those relationships because we have the energy to do so. It means managing health and taking it to places that once seemed impossible.

In this podcast, she illuminates these key areas, what simple actions to take to start the process of transformation, and how to maintain long term outcomes. Through this journey, listeners emerge educated, enlightened, and energized to begin the work for a life transformed. You can listen to the podcast wherever you listen to your favorite podcast shows (Spotify, etc.)

The Transformation Book Series

For our friends who like to hold tangible words and nuggets of knowledge, she is also a published author! In The Best Diet is… Dr. Hamilton writes about the most popular diets that patients and weight loss seekers participate in. She reviews the guidelines of each diet, the allowed modifications, and what they best achieve – not all of which being weight loss. She wrote this because of the common confusion about how each diet works, which often creates unhappy dieters who did not receive the results they were hoping for. So, she took it upon herself to research the ins and outs of each and provide a helpful handbook that discusses nearly every diet all in one convenient place.

In Transformation Is a Mindset: The Journey to Changing Your Input and Your World, she sets out to empower us on how to begin the journey of life transformation, and how to succeed by changing what goes into that process. In this book, she dissects the things we do and leads us to a conscious understanding of why we do them to gain control. Being aware of what needs to improve is a crucial first step in any journey. Through this book, Dr. Hamilton helps identify that first step and what inputs are required to change your world. This book is for anyone who has felt defeated after a failed attempt, who has a difficult time finishing what they started, who suffers from chronic conditions or behaviors that are preventing them from living their best life. Dr. Hamilton put a lot of time, passion, and energy into both of these novels, the same way she did with the 4 Pillars of Transformation program.

We hope that you will walk with us along this journey to a place we deserve to be.