The 4 Pillars program was not like any other weight loss program, it teaches you to how to treat your patients and focuses on that and how to get to the root cause with my patients, once implemented the additional profit was like a bonus.
Nicole M - Family Practitioner

Dr. Hamilton’s program was great and just what I needed, because she has dealt with this head on she really created a program to help stop reverse the obesity epidemic. If you want to truly reverse the disease and not just treat it with gimmicks than this program is the one that is needed for every provider.
Lynette R - OB/GYN

As an orthopedic surgeon one of the main reasons I need to do knee replacements is due to weight, so I felt I needed to get more informed on how to treat this so I can treat my patients, I did not realize obesity can cause so many diseases and just by treating this can help my patients in so many other ways. Once we implemented the addition of weight loss to our practice we quickly tripled our profits, they referred their friends and family and we were getting such great results. This was truly worth the money which we made back after the first month of implementing the program!

Jonathon R - Orthopedic surgeon

I am a Nurse Practitioner and knew very little about treating obesity but since a large percentage of my patients struggle with this, I felt like I could not accurately treat their high blood pressure or diabetes or depression without addressing their weight which was the root of the problem in many cases. I have looked at other weight loss programs that are very prescriptive and give meal plans or exercise regimens that do not work and 4 Pillars is the only program that takes a different approach to weight loss that is sustainable. I also loved the fact that this program was created by a board certified obesity physician Dr. Hamilton who is also a bariatric surgeon trying to promote effective weight loss programs and not surgery, that truly speaks volumes of her and the program she created.
Kaitlyn M - FNP